Is Windows Live Still Alive?

Is Windows Live Still Alive?

Originally published on Cloud Avenue.

About a month ago, Microsoft rolled out its previously announced 3rd wave of Windows Live Services refresh.

The purpose of the release was to position the Live Services as the central hub for everything you do online – the new Live Home shows input from your various services (Hotmail, SkyDrive, etc.) as well as an activity stream composed of your friends’ activities on both Live Services as well as other external services such as Twitter, Flickr and blogs…


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Office Web Applications

Office Web Applications

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November 5th – Israeli Bloggers\Geek Dinner

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Keep Believing!

Keep Believing!

I don’t get it. A bunch of tech ‘elites’ partying out in Cyprus made a funny video and suddenly they’re turned scapegoats for the entire web industry? I guess they’re to blame in the...