I was checking out my analytics page with Yosi the other day when I noticed this rather disturbing Unique Visitors graph:


I’ve been paying less attention to the blog the past couple of months and it shows… I’m loosing readership and I don’t like it…

As I see it, the most important rule for blogging successfully is to continuously produce great content for your blog. As Larry O’Brian best puts it:

My theory is that lead generation derives from Google rank and that the best way to increase Google rank is to be like a professional fighter: neither jabs nor haymakers are enough. You must be always jabbing and you must regularly throw haymakers. Blog continuously to keep your hit-rate and link-traffic high and write longer pieces, containing the high-value words associated with your niche, occasionally.

I’ve been pilling up more than 15 posts on my drafts folder so it doesn’t seem like I have nothing to write about. Getting these drafts to a state where I’m willing to post them online is a different story…

As I’ve learned for the past couple of years, the best thing you can do when writing a blog is to pick a schedule you can live with and stick to it.

And so, I’m going to pick a two-posts-a-week schedule and see how well it goes…

What’s your posting schedule?

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