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8 Responses

  1. Nagarajan says:

    I am unable find the link to download the source code, Please can point the link?


  2. ekampf says:

    Hi Nagarajan,
    I didn’t publish a complete source code for download yet. The goal is build it step by step as you read the article (besides, the code itself is a lot more complicated as it contains stuff for future posts…)


  3. ekampf says:

    Source code for this post is available here:

  4. JAH says:


    We can’t see the full XAML you posted above?

  5. Trevor Clotton says:

    Has this series ended now?

    If so then can you post the complete src solution for the stock dem app please?


  6. ekampf says:

    Hi Trevor,
    Unfortunately the series ended prematurely though Im still hoping on picking up where I left in the (hopefully near) future.

    You’re definitely right. I should have published the full source code for Stocky and you’re not the first asking.
    I’ll dig it up from wherever it is and post it ASAP (within the next couple of days).


  1. October 26, 2009

    […] received numerous requests to release the source code but I couldn’t do so because it was part of a larger infrastructure […]