TechEd Eilat 2008 Blogging Thoughts – It’s About the People

I’ve been invited by Microsoft to TechEd Eilat 2008 as a blogger – a very awesome surprise and a vote of appreciation from the guys at Microsoft Israel.
I consider this invitations as a great opportunity for trying challenging myself to try something new.
Normally, when I go to a convention on my employers expense the purpose is to go to as many lectures possible and bring back information to the team.
This time, I’m invited by Microsoft as a blogger to blog about the event which, as I see it, provides a unique opportunity to "fool around" (more than usual) with this medium and do something different than just run around from presentation to presentation (and buffet to buffet…  )

As interesting as all the different presentations may be, the notion of having lots of interesting tech geeks in one (huge) venue (called Eilat) is a lot more compelling.

Lately, following Scoble’s Davos and Macword video coverage, the latest QIK and Seesmic craze and Yossi&Lior’s show, I became interested in the video as a medium.
I can always blog eventlecture summaries, live blog (even though I’m not a big fun of that) but I’m thinking of challenging myself to doing something I’ve never done before – take a camera and just shoot meetings with different people in the industry.

What do you think? Interested in meeting up to talk about your workcompanyproductlecture (I’ve been thinking about videos like the ones shot on TechCrunch 40)?
It looks like Microsoft are going to setup and meetings application in their TechEd portal… I wonder how’s that going to work.

Anyway, things I need to get done until TechEd:

  1. Get a laptop (or rather, manage to keep the temp laptop I got from IT)
  2. Get a digital video camera. I got a Canon S3 and I’m pretty happy with its video capabilities so that’s the fallback if I can’t get my hands on a real video cam.
    Also need to figure out where and how to post videos I shoot. Already have a seesmic account to aggregate these…
    Maybe I can get Ariel to "volunteer" to be cameraman 😉
    Update: Got myself a Sony Handycam DCR PC350E camcorder…  Seems like I’m all set here…
  3. Twitter  – Start an EventTrack for the of them TechEd twitterers…
  4. Get some videos done before TechEd…

Anyway, come meet me at TechEd and get a cool Moo card 😉


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