TwitterEthics – Rules for Effective Twittering

I’ve been using Twitter quite extensively lately and I received some feedback (from my Facebook friend. my Twitter is automatically syndicated to my Facebook status) asking what’s Twitter\Twittering.

Twitter is a great way to communicate simple messages to a group of people who “follow you”. Initially, the service aimed to to answer the question “What are you doing now?” with a  short status message limited to 140 characters.
However, as its adoption became wider users found out it can be used for various other purposes – making new friends, learning of new events, getting updates as events take place…

So, if you want to make the best of this medium you should consider following these few simple rules:

  • Follow Your Followers – That’s like making friends in any other social site. Twitter is not just about sending updates to your audience. You can also get feedback and engage in a conversation (of some sort). You need to follow your followers to be able to get their responses…
  • Speak Up (Engage in a Conversation) – Participation is the key to letting people know you’re there, what you’re about.
  • Ask (Initiate Conversation) – Ask questions. Listen to responses. Learn!
    From “Are comments working properly on my site?” to “Is this marketing approach appealing?”…  you’re followers probably have valuable input they can provide if you let them.

Got some other TwitterEthics to add?

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2 Responses

  1. Got a question regarding 3rd point.
    I am a new twitter user and I have asked a couple of questions or rather say tried to initiate a conversation but was never replied.
    What to do in this situation?

  2. ekampf says:

    Well, there’s not much you can do… you can’t really make people answer…

    I guess that the more you’ll interact with others on twittersphere it’ll be more important for them to interact back..