Facebook Fan Page – Add Community Features to Your Blog

I’ve been playing around with creating a Facebook Fan Page for my blog – http://www.facebook.com/pages/DeveloperZencom/10649455588

It actually seems like a very good way to form a community around a blog (or a site, or a product, or a company, or a public figure…).
Besides aggregating my blog’s posts and my Google Reader’s posts to applications on the page I can also notify readers on events, and have a discussion going on using the Discussion Board or The Wall application

This service is very similar to to what MyBlogLog offer only far more customizable and featured given Facebook’s applications platform and its wide development community.

Other reasons to consider when opening a Fan Page for your blog:

  1. Fan Pages are public. This means that search engines can index Facebook Fan Pages which means there are more ways for readers to stumble your blog on the net
  2. When you link to your blog and because they’re public you get some nice Facebook.com link credit.
  3. Make your blog viral – when someone joins a fan page, the event is published in their news feed for all their friends to read.

So, I urge you all to join my blog’s community page at Facebook and tell me what you think… See you there! :-)

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