First Week at Redmond

I’ve been working here at Redmond for a little over a week now. I’m already fully merchandised with Microsoft office products (notebooks, pens etc.) and I’ve even got my employee access card so I can now move freely around the campus without requiring escort.

If you’ll ever visit Redmond here are the top 5 things to do on campus:

  • Check out the Microsoft Visitors Center (Building 127).
    • Especially the XBOX360 room where you can spend some time playing Halo3
  • Shop at Microsoft company store
    • Where you can buy all sorts of Microsoft T-Shirts\Bags\Pens\etc.
    • If you’re an employee (or got one willing to donate some credit with you) you can also buy Microsoft software and hardware products at ridiculous prices…
  • Take a hike (Its really nice out there when its not raining\snowing\foggy\freezing cold)
  • Check out the intranet web pages and read specs (lots of specs)


 2007-10-30 001 103Microsoft Visitors Center2007-10-30 001 108Microsoft Office Merchandise>

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