Lets Socialize

>Ayelet’s question got me thinking about all the mediums I’m using to socialize and share information online.
When I read the post only LinkedIn and Flickr came to mind. But there are lots of other mediums I’m using…

Because I want to have more interactions with my readers (I know you’re out there somewhere) I decided to list all my online
activities in a single post for your convenience…

  • www.ekampf.com/blog (or www.developerzen.com)
    That’s my blog. If you’re reading this you probably already know of it :-)
    You should subscribe to my feed if you haven’t already and a strongly encourage you to comment on posts….
  • My FaceBook
    Just opened my account a few days ago. Seems pretty cool. My online presence page… 
  • My Flickr Page (and feed)
    I simply love Flickr. I keep all my photos there. 
    Besides providing an easy interface for storing and organizing my photos it also helps me interact with friends and community members. Having constant feedback helps keeping things alive and vibrant… 
  • Google Shared Items (feed)
    I’m reading tons of feeds a day so that you won’t have to!
    One of my colleagues at work asked me to send over interesting articles I encounter. I figured out the best way to do so is to share every good article\post I encounter when going over my feeds in Google Reader. This also helps me avoid the echo chamber on my blog.
    I want my blog to feature original content and opinions rather than just echo other posts (and product announcements. Aren’t you tired of all these “<product name> CTP just released!” posts on every .NET blog when a new release is out?).
    So it is my recommendation to you to
    • Subscribe to my Shared Items Feed to see what I’m reading
    • Create your own shared items feed and echoing announcements etc. on your personal blogs
  • My LinkedIn Page
    I use LinkedIn as a professional presence on the net. Mainly to connect with other people in the industry.
    View Eran Kampf's profile on LinkedIn
  • My Twitter Page twitter>
    With all the buzz around twitter I couldn’t help but starting my very own twitter account. I mainly use it twitter new blog posts and maybe some other interesting events (don’t expect the usual boring “Just woke up”\”At Work”..” kind of posts…)
  • MyBlogLog Page
    Form a community around my blog. Basically it lets see who visits my web site etc.
  • Technorati

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