To Which Social Network Site Do You Pay to Use and Why?

web2 Ayelet asks Which Is Your Favorite Social Network and Why?

I think a more interesting question is to which suck social networks site people are willing to pay for use or for access to extra features.

The two social network sites I mostly use are Flickr and LinkedIn.
I Flickr Pro account. Why? Because its very very cheap and I’m willing to spend such a cost to gain all new features a Pro account has to offer (all pictures are visible, unlimited storage and upload bandwidth…)

I’m not paying on my LinkedIn account. Their cheapest plan is 20$ a month and for what?! So I could use “Who’s View My Profile”?
I don’t feel like LinkedIn is giving any value for the money they ask. At least not for me… (I guess its more useful to recruiters, HR, etc.)

So you pay to any of the social network sites you’re using?


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