Duet at Sapphire

Today at Sapphire SAP & Microsoft announced the extended roadmap for Duet 2.0 and Duet 3.0.

The key messages of this roadmap are:

  1. Microsoft and SAP will extend their Duet partnership with two more major versions aligned with the next generation of Microsoft’s Office and SAP’s Business Suite.
  2. Planned Duet features for Duet 2.0 and 3.0:
    1. More advanced Duet scenarios to enable all information workers in the enterprise
    2. Enhanced Duet tools and platforms package to enable customers to develop their own scenarios for Duet.

For more information check out the press release at http://www.sap.com/company/press/press.epx?pressid=7607.


image In addition, together with HP, SAP and Microsoft also announced Duet Appliance – a pre-installed and configured Duet solution based on HP servers. You can see http://www.sap.com/company/press/press.epx?pressid=7577 for more information.






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