Making Ideas Stick

I’m currently reading Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die which is a fascinating book exploring why certain ideas thrive while others die and what we have to do to convey our messages better in order to make them “stick”.

I could have written a long post summerizing the ideas i the book but I just came accross, while reading some news, the perfect example that sums up what the book is trying to say.

Lets look at Ron Pauls campaign for US presidency. Take a look at this video at YouTube before you continue reading:

Fascinating right? I bet you didn’t watch the whole 6 minutes and skipped to this paragraph.
To sum up the video, the guy talks about whats wrong with the current US policies etc. etc. etc…
Wouldn’t a short, concrete message stick better in the mind of the voters?
Now take a look of this video (spinn on Apple’s commercial) published at YouTube to support Ron Paul: 

Think of all the hidden schemas (psychology) in this short flick: War, Dictatorship, George Orwell’s 1984, Apple vs. IBM…
Using all these schemas (which are basically analogies) this short flick captivates viewers and delivers a much more profound, string, and lasting message…

According to “Made to Stick”, to make an idea stick the delivered message has to be Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional and conveyd using Stories (SUCCES)…

Sounds interesting?  Go read the book…

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4 Responses

  1. Ted Longstaffe says:

    The “1984” video is NOT in support of Ron Paul but rather Barack Obama. Check the website reference at the end of the clip.

    The Ron Paul video shows great promise as a treatment for insomnia.

  2. ekampf says:

    Got to make you wonder… if we had world leaders who were so boring… maybe the world would be a little more boring (in a good sense) place to live in…

  3. Ted Longstaffe says:

    Ron Paul is (at best) a spoiler, so we’ll never get a chance to find out if boring is better in the U.S. 2008 race.

    I’m a long time fan of McCain but Sarah “Scary” Palin is another story. And I think Obama is full of Hope and likely hopeless in practice. Sounds like the old Chinese proverb: “May you live in interesting times”

    Here in Canada, we have boring down to a science. And in my opinion … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  1. December 9, 2008

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