Wii Goes Enterprise

I just read on Thomas’s blog about what the guys at Colgate Palmolive where doing with their SAP software and the Wii remote:

“Using our newfound shiny object, we just had to experiment and introduce the Wii to the enterprise. We decided to integrate the Wii remote with an existing Ruby on Rails application connecting to an SAP BW backend. More information on the Rails application developed by Dan can be found here. The application is a resource planner that enables a manager to easily view and plan his upcoming projects, requirements, and available resources with an easy to use drag and drop interface, while utilizing SAP BW planning cubes for it’s model.”

I’ve been trying to push ideas like this for some time now and I’ve also written before about the need for enterprise software to sue some of the new innovations in the consumer entertainment market.

Thomas also mentions the my team on the SAP Developers Challenge. This is kinda encouraging since I didn’t think anyone will remember us as the SAP executive judges didn’t seem to care about the idea and we lost the people’s choice by a matter of few single votes (some say we actually one, no one actually counted the votes so its hard to tell).

What we did at the SAP developers challenge a demo demonstrating the possibility of exposing enterprise information through a FrontRow\MediaCenter UI using different remotes (Wiimote included).
It must have not been such a bad idea if our customers are actually starting to do this sort of stuff too :-)

Anyway, Some demo screenshots to feed your appetite:

ExecutiveLive Screenshot 1ExecutiveLive Screenshot 2ExecutiveLive Screenshot 3

And who knows, maybe the next versions of Duet will go beyond Office and integrate with Microsoft’s Media Center? ;-)

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