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The Prgramming Monks

I accidental came across the link to http://www.codeoasis.com/ when it was displayed as part of a blogger’s description in bloggers wepart at http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/.

This text from the site made me smile:

These highly capable, extremely motivated individuals have chosen to lead a different life-style than that of the recent frantic years of the high-tech industry. They chose to live in the desert – allowing them to give the right attention to every line of code, while maintaining a healthy work-load.

Living in the desert and dedicating yourself to code… sounds like the geek version of monk orders doesn’t it?

But if I can be serious for a moment, these guy’s portfolio page looks pretty good and its actually nice to see some new companies with a different philosophy than what we’re all used to…

When I think of it, its not much different than Palo Alto where high-tech companies can’t build tall buildings and they’re all spreaded around in many buildings surrounded by trees etc.

I’d rather Palo Alto over the Israeli desert though :-)

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