Learning to Consume

Steve Fox, editor in chief at InfoWorld wrote an editorial about how enterprise software should become more consumer oriented and take advantage of recent development in that area.

“Sadly for the enterprise, though, innovation has flowed primarily from the consumer side. Multiplayer games, slick cell phones, TiVo, the iPod, MySpace, YouTube, and other killer apps have redefined the state of technology.”

And where is SAP in all of this? As this is one of company’s main pain points, I’m am glad to see it is making some effort in this direction.
From mainstream projects like Duet which makes the use of SAP transparent to the information worker, new design methodologies and the adoption of emerging technologies like Widgets to even more experimental stuff like
SecondLife commerce and MediaCenter-like frontend UI at the recent SAP Developers Challenge, we’re certainly making enterprise software much more appealing…

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