The iPhone Distortion Bump is Visible on Google Finance?

Apple’s share fell as much as -7.53% on the past 5 days.
In fact, when looking at the share’s graph from the past month you can clearly see the price bump caused by the MacWorldiPhone hype:

Apple Inc. Google Finance Chart
* Note that Apple introduced iPhone on January 10th

I think this clearly demonstrates my point regarding the whole MacWorldiPhone distortion field.
After the big conference and all the hype, reality settles in…

Some other interesting question marks raised by investors and analysts:

  1. Will Apple’s iPhone release on June cause people on purchasing an iPod to delay their plans? I think it will and this will have an effect on Apple’s Q1 and Q2 results. Some analysts already vut down Apple’s share rating based on this assumption.
  2. Mac sales results miss analysts forecasts
  3. Several iPhone doubts like the Europe release, non Singular version etc.

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