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I’ve Been Tagged

There has been a lot of tagging around the blogsphere lately and I’m glad it didn’t skip me
(because it means someone actually reads this blog :-)).
Anyway, I’ve been tagged by Eran so here’s 5 things you probably didn’t know about me:alipart_graduate.jpg

1. Like Eran, I have never actually completed any formal degree. I’ve been studying at the open university since high school and I’ve got about 4 classes to take to finish a CS degree but I haven’t been able to pass courses since I joined SAP. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some academic work done on 2007 ;-)

clipart_young.jpg2. I’m the youngest person at work. I’m the youngest in the whole Duet team (probably not just at the location in Israel) and maybe in the entire lab in Israel (I’ve been at SAP for 2 years now and have yet to encounter anyone younger so that makes me pretty sure…). I’ll be 25 on February 27th by the way…clipart_Holy_Grl.jpg

3. I’m, a Monty Python addict. I know all the sketches and I’ve got most of the “flying circus” episodes on my HD. I wanted to go to Spamalot at Broadway but I was too late and couldn’t get any tickets.clipart_game.jpg

4. Although currently working at SAP on enterprise software (and liking it), I’ve always wanted to work in the gaming industry (which pretty much doesn’t exist in Israel). I do hope I’ll be able to fulfill this dream (or should I say, Goal) someday…alipart_cocktail1.jpg

5. After the army I took a bartender class. I even had some gigs as a bar tender. My home contains amounts of alcohol that could stock up a small bar. I don’t tend to drink much at home but it is nice to have all the materials available if I ever feel an urge for a cocktail… I’m also fond of cooking and I think the two relates.
The thought of creating food\drinks by mixing ingredients, spices etc…. Its art :-)

Now on to passing the torch to 5 more bloggers:

  • Ariel Ben-Horesh who hasn’t written a single word on his blog ever since he opened it almost half a year ago. Now you have to write something!
  • Dror Engel who hasn’t written in a while…
  • Lior who tends to write interesting stuff (and some nonsense too) at blogs.microsoft.co.il and haven’t been tagged so far as far as I could tell.
  • Yossi. Everyone else tagged him so I’ll just join the tagging party…

I can’t think of anyone else to tag so I’ll stick with these 4. Anyway, if you haven’t been tagged and reading this post makes you feel like writing 5 ridiculous bullets about yourself consider yourself tagged!

Have a happy 2007 everyone!

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