Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WWF RC5

Another release candidate is just out Microsoft’s door. This one pairs up nicely with RC1 of the .NET 3.0 Framework.

From the MSDN Download site –

Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation is the programming model, engine, and tools for quickly building workflow-enabled applications on Windows. It consists of a Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 namespace (System.Workflow), an in-process workflow engine, and designers for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. You can read more about scenarios for which Windows Workflow Foundation is suited and an introduction to the technology on the Workflow MSDN DevCenter here.

Important Notes

  • The Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation are required for customers who are designing workflows in Visual Studio 2005.
  • Installation Guide
  • Visual Studio Extensions – Release Notes
  • To review key changes in Windows Workflow Foundation from Beta 2.2 to this Release Candidate see the Key Changes doc here.
  • The Windows Workflow Foundation SDK has been merged into the Windows SDK which includes pre-release content for application development with the APIs in Windows Vista, including the .NET Framework 3.0 technologies: .NET Framework 2.0, Windows® Presentation Foundation, Windows® Communications Foundation, and Windows® Workflow Foundation. Because the Windows SDK contains the former Windows Workflow Foundation SDK content, the Windows Workflow Foundation SDK is no longer released separately. Microsoft® Windows® Software Development Kit (SDK) for June CTP of Windows Vista and .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime Components is the version compatible with this release.

Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Extensions for Windows® Workflow Foundation Release Candidate 5

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