Switched to Nokia 6280

Jeff Nolan just posted that he switched to chocolate and on the same note I just switch my LG U8120 for brand new Nokia’s 6280.

When 3rd generation cell phones were new in Israel, I bought the LG U8120 which was Orange’s “flagship” 3rd gen cell phone just because the hype around it. It turned out to be a crappy phone with very short battery life, sound problems, connectivity issues (bad PC software, IR never worked, no Bluetooth…) and bad user experience.

I finally got fed up with it and decided to upgrade two days ago. I chose Nokia over Motorola’s V3X simply because of the brand.
Nokia’s has the best reputation for making cell phones which makes it a safe bet.

So far the Nokia 6280 is great! After initial charge of ~4 hours it worked for more than 2 days before a re-charge was required.
Its even more impressive because I’ve used the phone intensively over these two (first) days (have to check all the phone features, camera, games…). Just for comparison, the battery for my LG could hardly last a day, and thats when hardly using it…

The 2 mega-pixel camera is great and its main use so far was to backup drawings from the board at the meetings room :-)

Anyway, I hope for Jeff’s sake that LG improved they cell phone-making skills and thats this chocolate thing isn’t just a hype…

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