Duet(TM) Roadmap Announced

In additional to the 4 scenarios developed for the first version of Duet (Time Management, Leave Management, Organization Management and Budget Monitoring), Microsoft and SAP also announced today on plans to enhance the capabilities of Duet this year and to release additional business scenarios in the second half of 2006.

In the second half of 2006, SAP and Microsoft plan to offer two value packs for Duet, providing additional business scenario support, enhanced platform capabilities and language support. These value packs will expose five additional scenarios in MS Office coming from mySAP ERP and mySAP(TM) Business Suite applications for customer relationship management (CRM) and supplier relationship management (SRM). The scenarios are: recruitment management, travel management, analytics, purchasing management and sales activity management. With these value packs, capabilities of Duet will go beyond self- service for employees and managers to enable line-of-business operational efficiencies and cost savings. The value packs are designed for compatibility with the next release of mySAP ERP and the 2007 release of Microsoft Office System, and will expand language support to include English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese.

Also revealed is the product pricing which is going to be $125 per desktop unit.

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