Previewseek – New Web Search Engine

Going over my daily blog activities I noticed a refferal from a new search engine called Previewseek. So I did some research and decided to post a review on this very interesting site.

PreviewSeek is a new London-based search engine created by Chris Hong and contains several impressing innovative features. Basic search results are great but thats nothing to get overly excited about (we already have Google etc. doing that).
The useful features include disambiguation of queries (are you searching for “apple” the fruit, or “apple” the computer”?), preview of search pagesu (think Browster), and better refining of searches.

Understanding Your Query

PreviewSeek does a good job at attempting to determine meaning from a query.
For example, when searching for “apple”, PreviewSeek knows that apple can stand for a fruit, a company, the nickname for New York and more:

Same example for the word “java”:

Preview Results

PreviewSeek allows you to preview the search results. Entries contains a preview snapshot on the left and a detailed view of the site itself can be browsed using a “Preview” button.

Search Refinement

For any given query PreviewSeek will suggest a number of refinement options on the left sidebar, which greatly assist in drilling down on a particular search.

Overall Impression

PreviewSeek seems like a good alternative to google. It still in beta phase, multilingual searching is not really supported and it doesn’t have tools and web authoring extensions like Google does so there’s still room for improvement.

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