Lets talk about sex

Humor August 28th, 2005

Ever since I wrote this postregarding sex in video games (the GTA suit), which obviously contained the word “sex”, I’ve been getting some interestingbizarre refferals from search engines regarding the word “sex”. I thought I’d share with you some of these search phrases:

  • pocketpc sex – I wonder what these peaple are looking for…
  • “personal gallery” “having sex”
  • eran sex – Yes please…

Turns out having the word “sex” around (nad maybe some other words) is good for increasing traffic :-)

And while we’re at it, another common search phrase I’m getting refferals from is “what does SAP stands for” (and its permutations). I guess a lot of peaple are pazzled by the meaning of the word SAP. Good thing they have my blog to help them…

Quake 3 Arena sources released!

Game Development, Programming August 23rd, 2005

John Carmack announced at his Quakecon 2005 keynote that the Quake 3 Arena source code would soon be released.
Today it was released (under GPL license)! And it is availble here


.NET, Programming, WPF August 21st, 2005

I just came across XAMLShare, a public wiki dedicated to providing various Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon) code samples.
There aren’t many samples at the time, but hopefully the number will grow as WPF works its way into the mainstream...

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I am a Dog

Humor August 15th, 2005

Turns out I was born in the year of the Dog (1982).

Here’s what the chinese calendar site has to say about dogs:

Dogs are honest and faithful to those they love but they tend to worry too much and find fault with others. They make ideal secret agents or business people.

Uhhh I’m such secret and mysterious business man…. Maybe dogbert should be my new role model.

Btw, 2006 a Year of the Dog too… So I guess I should expect a year full of secret plottings and money making deals :-)

Linux For Supervillains

Humor August 15th, 2005

Thought this was funny and worth sharing:


Just have to insstall, write some scripts, patch the kernel, check versions……. And you’re ready to go :-)

Meltdown 2005 Presentations

Game Development, Programming August 14th, 2005

Just notices on MSDN’s DirectX developers centerthat the Meltdown2005 presentation are availble for download.

You can download them directly from this link.

Although not technical, be sure to check out “Publisher Business Track” presentations which are quite interesting…

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My google GuestMap

Uncategorized August 11th, 2005

Where are you located? Double-Click on the map and tell me where you are! :-)

Update: Removed the IFrame as it was slowing the site down.
This feature is accessible through the links section on the left.


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Game Development, Programming August 11th, 2005

A group of indie game developers worried about the future of gaming has launched GamesAreArt.com.

Welcome to this brand new site. Here it’s your home to discuss games as a cultural movement, games as an artistic revolution, games as your creative obsession or games just as games.
Developers and Gamers of the World, Unite! GamesAreArt.com is born.

Creating an Office-Like MVC UI Architecture

.NET, Programming August 9th, 2005

MSDN has released a new article which shows how to implement a Word-like UI object model architecture that supports automation etc. like Office does.
The object model demonstrated is based on themodel-view-controller (MVC) design pattern.

All Microsoft Office applications are built on top of an object model that supports automation. Any developer can use the 0bject model to drive the application UI and add, edit, and delete content, just as a real user interacts with the application. The rich object model, together with automation support, makes Office applications truly extensible and pluggable. Anyone can write a powerful add-in within a very short time in order to extend the behavior of Microsoft Word according to their own need. As good object-oriented (OO) developers, we develop our applications with rich architecture and with a reasonably good object model following the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.

However, until recently, very few applications have been developed that offer automation similar to Microsoft Office applications. As a result, we cannot extend our applications the same way we can extend and customize Office applications using the .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This article shows you a way to implement a Microsoft Word-like object model for your own .NET application. We will be following the Model-View-Controller design pattern and also .NET Framework events and delegates heavily. The object model we will develop here will add infinite extensibility to our application. It will give us the opportunity to add plug-in and scripting capability to our applications as designed, without writing additional code for them. The plug-in and scripting feature will have the same power as the core application. The design will also produce a very clean code base that truly decouples business logic from the UI logic. Best of all, we will be able to write code to drive the UI and thus create test scripts that not only test business logic but also test the UI behaviors.

Read Implement a Microsoft Word-like Object Model for Your .NET Framework Application on MSDN.

Some PocketPC stuff…

Gear August 3rd, 2005

PocketPC Web Browsers Roundup

The pocketpcthought.com forums features a web browsers rounduparticle.

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