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Cool utilities from Microsoft

  • Microsoft Calculator Plus offers conversions between different measurement units for area, temperature, volume and more. It also includes all the mathematical functions offered in Microsoft Calculator.
    Download is availble here.
  • Microsoft Time Zone conveniently runs in the system tray and allows you to easily view the date and time in various locations around the world. You can also quickly and easily add your own personal locations to customize Microsoft Time Zone the way you want.
    Download is availble here.
  • Microsoft SMS Sender is an add-on for Microsoft Windows XP that can create and send SMS (Short Message Service) text messages from your PC to your friends’ and family’s GSM mobile phones.
    SMS is a text message service which enables users to send short messages (160 characters) to other users. A very popular service, particularly amongst young people, with 400 billion SMS messages sent worldwide in 2002.
    Download is availble here.

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